Something new…

So I tried for the first time ever to make snickerdoodles…and they actually turned out well even though I sifted the sugar into the rest of the dry ingredients instead of beating it with the butter. Oh well it must not have been too serious of a mistake because so far everyone has liked my cookies. Baking when the rest of the house is quiet around you is really an amazing thing.


So my last attempt at potato chips for a while included using a potato peeler to get the slices nice and thin. I worked great, although they were a little burnt and kinda oily. I think I would really like a deep fryer. That might solve the burning problem.

Anyway…now on to something new…. 🙂

And here are my homemade potato chips. not quite as chip-y as I was hoping but still pretty tasty.

Junk Food

Last night at dinner my mom said “this guy on tv said to eat as much junk food as you want just make sure that you have made it all yourself.” So we decided to try it. As I walked through the supermarket isles it was like some one had placed all the most delicious greasy, fatty, salty junk food right in front of me on purpose. At first I though “it’s ok I can make my own cookies and doughnuts.” but as I walked past the cheese-its and soda I wondered “is that possible?”

Tomorrow I will make some muffins which I don’t think count as a junk food but everyone else in my family thinks they do.


She could sit in that room for hours, closing the door softly, and sitting on one of the twin beds drinking in the silence and sunshine. She didn’t know if anyone knew where she went when she would slip away but if they did they never bothered her. She would carefully take down the antique Alice doll and gently stroke her yellow braids and the place her just as carefully back on her chair so that no one would know. And then slip away back down stairs and join everyone else.

We all need a silent place. Step away from the noise just for a little bit.

From “The Pig in the Spigot”

It’s hard to think in crowded places where

Loud music, squeals, and chatter fill the air.

And brainless persons holler “Yo!” and “Hey!”

That’s why idea is found in hideaway.

I gave away a poem a few days ago.  I had written it out on a small piece of paper intending on keeping it in my purse forever, reading it, pulling it out, etc.  Instead I put it in an envelope and sent it away.  It was already in my memory and it wasn’t about to leave any time soon.

There are about 14 other poems that were going to be written out and bound in a little book and hoarded and treasured forever.  But now I think I will swallow them, memorize them, and slowly give them away.